We offer a variety of online electronic course solutions.

eClassess is a fantastic way to study through the internet, in the comfort of your own home.

We also offer ongoing support through our helpdesk, private forum and video blog solutions.



All of our online training course solutions are designed specifically to suit your needs and provide the knowledge base that is so critical in today’s demanding environment. eClassess give you the opportunity to complete your desire course in your own time and in the comfort of your own home. No restrictions, no limitations, just learning when ever you are ready to start, plus we grant you 18 months access to complete it + life time membership to our members forum.

Now that’s a deal to talk about!

All our distance learning course solutions offered by eClassess is flexible, 24 hours available and easy to use. Each personalized course is designed to help you learn 60% faster with 25-60% more retention. We offer all of this, for up to 75% less money than you would pay elsewhere. Now you can also complete accredited courses on eClassess, receiving the same certificate as everyone else.

Bringing skills training and resources, closer to everyone at a fraction of the price.


elearning (3)Solutions offered:

  • Access to these courses including online booking system.
  • Easy registration and automated activation.
  • Helpdesk Support solutions.
  • Online FORUM for discussions and resources.
  • Video Conference Solutions.
  • ECommerce payment methods.
  • Online self marking (automated)
  • Limited access control.
  • Assessor online feedback.
  • Gradebooks and access control.

All course material can be supplied online, so no waiting for postal deliveries or classroom dates. Just click, register and start learning. Researched also showed that students work far quicker through the learning material on our virtual portal than working through a bunch of impersonal notes.

It’s easy, interactive and ready to start when ever you feel like it.

You simply can’t find a better program anywhere. We believe that our distance learning programme solutions is so good,that no-one can beet this offer.